I am twenty-four years old and I am originally from Romania, but have lived in Denmark for the past 5 years. I graduated as a frontend and backend web developer on a Bachelor level at Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt in Odense.

This programme gave me strong technical skills in website design and development, automation and database communication, as well as branding and social media marketing. In terms of non-technical skills I feel confident about my understanding of consumer satisfaction, to ensure that finished products are shaped by the customer’s needs.

I have previous experience working as a developer for multiple companies, such as uberVU, Tuio Social Media and Morning Train. The background stories of my projects and collaboration always included the non-technical users as part of the stakeholders and apart from UML documentation of projects, I have been performing great at translating the technical language into a non-technical language at the periodical projects presentations.

In the portfolio section of the website, you can find a list of projects that I've got involved in the past year. These projects had the opportunity of teaching me the process of starting a project from merely an idea until handing out the finished product while keeping a professional relationship fueled by maintenance in order to ensure a continuous positive outcome of any collaboration.

For the moment I am working as a freelance developer, trying to perfect management skills by working with multiple projects at a time and although freelancing jobs have their own advantages, I strongly consider that my technical and project related skills are of high value and they are better exposed in a more stable environment, that would allow me to develop my skills further while bringing value to a company.

How I do it

Identify a user expectation

Define the cause of it

Explore design solutions

Select a suitable plan

Develop and test outcomes

Deliver and succeed